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I am InnovativeDon’t Predict the Future – Create It

Sure, you’re focused on innovation and agility, but then there’s all that pesky teamwork stuff. Wasted time – inefficiency – missed KPI’s – less than stellar results.

Common Challenges

  • Virtual Teams – time zones and distance cause delays
  • New Managers and New Teams – on-boarding is way too slow
  • Cultural Differences – Diversity, Social and Communication; Innovation Labs vs Traditional Corporate Structure;
  • Leadership Succession Planning – there is none – no time
  • Silos and Turf Wars – you got what you asked for – they’re “creative” all right
  • Low Morale and Post re-organization setbacks – more time lost
  • Innovation – takes too long and nobody really knows what it is
  • Team Communication – Being polite and getting along trumps being real
  • Bridging The Gaps – generation gaps, skills gaps, leadership gaps

Is it really ALL your responsibility?

If you’re not taking action now to grow and improve, your competitors are making sure you’re going backwards.

How do you banish the box and set the standard for your industry?
How do you create a culture of bold innovation?

Look in the mirror – it starts with you – one person. As a leader, you set the course, and you need to be the best – or you will fade and be forced to follow.

To be the best in today’s connected and competitive world of business requires you to have a fresh approach. You can’t be an icon from the Industrial Age. You can’t be a rock star from the Information Age. Today, people who work for you demand to be seen as individuals, and they value contribution to something great. You have to step up.

At Creative Age Leadership our mission is to develop curious, connected and confident leaders throughout the world.

Our Answer

Creative Age Leadership is an innovative company at the intersection of leadership training and organizational development, delving into both the heart and mind. Learning to unlock human potential and engage your team from their core motivations requires a deeper look than traditional leadership training offers. At Creative Age Leadership we not only help you build a great team, we show you how to turn creativity into innovation and profit.

Creative Age Leadership, bold leaders for a new generation.




What do we do?

We provide highly customizable workshops, seminars and trainings for your team, your leaders or individuals who are striving to navigate the special needs of todays workforce. Our workshops include:


Mastering Remote Management: Building Company Culture with Out-of-Office Rules

Same Project, Same Mission, Different Office. Learn how to build trust across remote offices, virtual teams and work-at-home employees so that your productivity sky rockets and your team is happy. This can be customized to meet your specific team needs and timeframe.


Bridging Generation Gaps: How Can They Function That Way?

Skills Gap or Generation Gap? Learn to be aware of and appreciate the differences among the generations in today’s workforce. Discover the keys to success by learning preferred work styles, conflict reactions, the need for feedback and an understanding of the expectations of work-life balance. Most important, master the communication skills needed to lead your team to success.


Leadership Succession: Bottoms Up!

The average CEO tenure is just 6 years. Shouldn’t you be nurturing a stable of successors rather than waiting for a crisis? Yet the new average employee is only on board for only 4 years – you’re problem just got bigger. Learn how to build a leadership success program to attract and keep your top talent.