Creative Age Leadership is dedicated to helping you, the women in business, learn to navigate the special needs of today's fast paced environments so you can lead with impact.

It's hard enough to keep up with the fast paced demands of today's business. Constantly finding the best talent, customer satisfaction, global competition and new regulations can create a difficult environment for business success for any business leader.

You can’t control the hand you were dealt in life. But you can certainly become a master at how you play your cards.

It’s too easy to find reasons to quit. It’s a lot more challenging to have the courage to want to master the skills and mindset to move ahead. We’re here to help.

The reality is that the more you advance your career, the less support you have. You have a smaller group of peers, less opportunity for bouncing your strategies off informed colleagues and it’s often difficult to figure out where to invest your limited time and resources. The focus becomes more and more on mentoring your team.

But if you don’t invest in developing your own leadership skills and nurturing your own peace of mind, you will never be able to help your team do the same and your previous success may be on a quick path to failure.


The world does not need more female leaders who simply know about women’s leadership.

We need female leaders who are decisive and grounded during times of change, uncertainty and doubt. This type of leadership is not taught in books or in school. It’s taught through experience.

Through interactive and experiential events, workshops, trainings and leadership coaching sessions we help you combine mindset, skill set and strategy to bring out the highest and best contribution of yourself and your team.

When you work with Creative Age Leadership, you can expect to gain new insights into what holds you back from feeling the success you want; you’ll find a new sense of achievement; and you’ll join a spectacular business network with other successful women in business.