Free Guide: Master Asking for What You Want (so people say YES!)

Bottom line, you don't need to lose money. AND you don't need the headaches and energy drain that happens when you have to start your project over...and over...and over. If you're tired of hearing, "NO," or if you hear "YES," but you end up let down because of broken promises, you need this guide.

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The guide maps out the step-by-step process to how to ask for what you want so people say YES! Whether that want is funding or a new team member (and yes, this process even works in your personal life!) you'll find your success a lot closer when you master "The ASK."

Meet Creative Age Leadership

At Creative Age Leadership our mission is to develop curious, connected and confident leaders throughout the world. Every innovation should be judged on its own merit and not based on the skills (or lack of skills) of the founders. Tactics can be set in motion with a step-by-step process. Who you're being cannot. Our company is dedicated to both increasing your skill set as a business owner and developing your mindset as a founder.

Heather Furby

I enjoy working with leaders everywhere to not just think outside the box, but banish the box. I combine 25 years of entrepreneurial mindset, coaching and expertise in business development with unique tools for embodiment, self awareness and inspiring people to get the job done!

My mission is to create a world where differences are met with curiosity and respect so that successful leadership means not only more productivity and profits, but is done so with open and authentic communication that breaks through barriers. The result is a new culture of bold innovation.

Being an effective leader in this Creative Age is just a few steps away. I can show you how to master the communication skills to accelerate profits and increase team productivity.

Alan Repech

I connect technology to money be it finding differentiating product value or getting ideas funded.

I was recruited to Silicon Valley by a startup company in a targeted hunt for top talent in Engineering and Product Management. Within less than a year after arriving, Cisco Systems acquired our company for $180M, and my CEO remarked, “Alan, we couldn’t have done it without you.” The experience had a profound effect, and I have been immersed in the Silicon Valley energy and culture since that time.

with Creative Age Leadership

Cause and Success

Get out of overwhelm and get into business.

Cause and Success is a program for entrepreneurs, start-ups and small business leaders who want to be free of limitations in business growth. You will learn how to master the special needs of today's business, including the mindset of influencing people and the tactical skills to manage your business so that you can get the results you want with grace and ease.

Camp Cause and Success

For all movers, shakers and business rule breakers.

Camp Cause and Success (Camp CAS) is the place to be to hang out with like-minded, and some not so like minded, business leaders. It's where you bring all of who you are and challenge yourself to grow a little more. Camp CAS is for all business leaders who crave personal and professional growth in a setting where experience is your guide.

Redefine My Normal Business Consulting

Fly out front. Redefine My Normal Business Consulting takes you to the next level in leadership, communications and running a business. Break the rules and do it your way as you build a rock star team that can overcome any obstacle. You're not alone, but it's up to you. Work with us, and you'll get there faster.

Give us a call at (707) 566-0503, and we'll get started right away.

Napkin to Numbers Consulting

Let's dig into the premium value of your business, so you can maximize profits.

If you're like me, you have tons of ideas - many drawn on a napkin (or paper tablecloth or placemat or sticky note or whiteboard). This program is for you if you're looking for funding, and it's for you if you want to clearly identify your differentiating value. We take you through a step-by-step process of practical business tactics to perfect your pitch. You will be using value-based pricing, and your business model will have more focus. You will close more sales as a result.

Contact us today at (707) 566-0503, and we'll get started!

The First Two Chapters

Do you ever find yourself reading the first two chapters of all those business books out there and pretty much just stopping right there? The next shiny book comes across our desk, we get bored, or the book just repeats itself the rest of the way?

We're having some fun with that by calling our blog, "The First Two Chapters."

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