Every business problem is a people problem.

Consistently rising costs of materials, lowering prices to stay competitive, staying up to speed with new regulations and new competition literally arising from around the globe can create a difficult enough environment for entrepreneurs and small business owners. But problems in leadership can stifle creativity, reduce productivity and cripple a company to the point of no longer being a viable business.

Symptoms of leadership problems look like individual personality conflicts, dysfunctional group dynamics, creations of silos and independent thinking units as well as individual insecurity from feeling like an imposter.

Small business owners often do not have access to the leadership training and development resources available to larger corporate competitors. But if you don’t invest in your own leadership skills and help nurture the skills of your team, your business may be on a quick path to failure.

Learning to be a leader is a combination of Training (Skills Set) and Motivation (Mindset). This combination will allow you to bring out the highest and best contribution of each team member, including yourself.  Once you learn to put the right people in the right position the first time you’ll see productivity and profitability like you have never dreamt possible.

Creative Age Leadership is dedicated to helping the entrepreneur and small business owner learn to navigate the special needs of today’s business environment so they can lead with impact. The world does not need more leaders who simply know about leadership. We need leaders who are decisive and grounded during times of change, uncertainty and doubt. This type of leadership is not taught in books or in school. It’s taught through experience.

All events, workshops, trainings and leadership coaching sessions hosted by Creative Age Leadership are designed to be interactive and experiential.